LMA Supreme Plus Pack

Fixation tab helps maintain proper cuff depth



The most advanced single use airway available!

Supreme Confidence

The LMA Supreme Plus Pack inspires confidence beyond any other laryngeal mask. The integrated drain tube is designed to channel fluid and gas safely away from the airway. Several simple and quick tests help verify accurate positioning.

Supreme Ease

The carefully tested design resulted in an improved curve for easy insertion. Subtle refinements in the mask make correct placement easier. And, every LMA Supreme Plus Pack comes packaged sterile, new, and ready for one-time use when you need it.

Supreme Solution

The LMA Supreme Plus Pack combines the best features of all previous LMA airways in one device. It is simply our most advanced airway device for your airway needs.

Use it everywhere you use a mask and in places where you have been using an ET Tube.

ET tubes carry an inherent risk of patient trauma, from vocal cord damage to pharyngeal soft-tissue injury. Because of ease of insertion and reduced trauma, LMA airways have replaced ET tubes in many procedures. With its integrated drain tube and verifiable placement, the LMA Supreme Plus Pack is an even more effective alternative.


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