King Vision: Portable Video Laryngoscopes

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The King Vision is an affordable, durable and portable video laryngoscope. It is designed for indirect laryngoscopy, difficult endotracheal intubations as well as routine intubations. The King Vision accommodates minimum mouth openings of 13mm for the standard blade and 18mm for the channeled blade making it effective for the majority of adult patient populations. The King video laryngoscopes combine the best features of traditional laryngoscopes, fiber optic laryngoscopes and new cutting-edge visualization technology to offer clinicians an immediate and clear view of the vocal cords. This results in a more accurate intubation while minimizing soft tissue manipulation.

The King Vision Is Designed To Be Your Primary Tool For Intubations
The Display Comes With A 1-Year Warranty
The Robust, Full-Color, Non-Glare Display Can Resist Repeated Cleaning And Normal Use Wear And Tear
The Camera And Light Source Are Enclosed In The Disposable Blade, Keeping The Display Free Of Fragile Optics


The King Vision Is Light Weight, Self-Contained And Battery Operated
Assembled, The Device Is Water Resistant
Reusable Display Comes Packaged In A Protective, Foam Case
Blades Are Individually Packaged So That The King Vision Can Be Taken Anywhere (Blades are ordered separately)

The Disposable Blades Allow Economical Use Of The King Vision For All Of Your Intubations
Low Cost Per Use Procedure
High Performance Visualization Capabilities

Disposable Channeled Blades are available for $37.80

‚Visual Display (KVIS01)
Size 3 Channeled Blade (Accomodates ETT 6.0 – 8.5mm) (KINKVL03C)


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