FoxFury Performance Fire Helmet Light

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Powerful 24 LED Headlamp with Ultra-bright LED’s and an Adjustable Beam Angle. Meets NFPA Fire Resistant Requirements–500°F (260°C) for 30 minutes. Intrinsic Version Is ideal for Fire Resistant light for Hazardous Environments including Structural Firefighting, Chemical Plants and HazMat. The only headlamp in the world that is UL 913 Certified Intrinsic Safe for Hydrogen and Acetylene Environments. 68 torch lumen LED fire helmet light (headlamp) for wildland and structural firefighting, search and rescue (SAR) and EMS. Offers focused and panoramic lighting with 2 light intensities (high and low) and runs on 4 AA batteries. Fits all USAR rescue helmets and most firefighter helmets without an external faceshield. Meets NFPA Fire Resistant Requirements.


FoxFury offers intrinsically safe LED headlamps and helmet lights for use in hazardous areas (FoxFury Performance Intrinsic Tasker Fire Helmet Light). Intrinsically safe means that these lights won’t ignite flammable gases. Our intrinsically safe lights were designed for use in hazardous environments including confined space, Hazmat, EOD, chemical plants, gas and oil refineries. These headlamps are powered by AA batteries and meet the UL 913 standard for intrinsically safe equipment for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-D (Performance Series) or Groups C-D (Signature Series) hazardous locations.



Provides Distance And Peripheral Vision

Helps Cut Through Smoke And Fog

Fits Most Helmets With Visors Or Shields

4 Ultra-bright LEDs For Focused Vision

The Only Headlamp In The World That Is UL 913 Certified Intrinsic Safe For Hydrogen And Acetylene Environments


Light Emissions

68.0 Lumen (854 Candle Power)

45ft. Field of Vision

Distance Vision: 120 to 150 ft (36 to 45 m)

Peripheral Vision: 60 ft (18 m)



24 LEDs: 20 White / 4 Green: white and green LEDs enhances depth perception and color rendition.

Quick Tilt (45°)

‚Tap Switch


2 Modes:

Mode 1: Full Power

Mode 2: Low Power (40%)

Light turns off after Mode 2



Fire Resistant

Waterproof to 20 ft (6 m)

Impact Resistant


Physical Characteristics

‚Weight: 10.1 oz (287 g)

‚Headband: 3.4 oz (97 g)

Battery Pack: 6.7 oz (190 g)

Size: 5.5″ x 1.0″ x 1.1″ (14.0 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.8 cm)

Polycarbonate Housing

Silicone Coated; Teflon Jacketed Cable

1″ Wide Silicone Strap with High Temperature Nylon Buckle



‚4 AA (Batteries Not Included)

‚Life: 7-14 Hours

Battery Pack is NOT Remotable



‚24 Months


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