Emesis Sickness Bag

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Keep these bags in patient’s room to help avoid mess. The convenience bag features a rigid mouth shaped collar that creates a facial seal to prevent missing the barf bag and to contain odor. After use, the top collar has two flaps that seal the barf bag to prevent spilling the contents. The supplied product also comes complete with a hand protection barrier.


Can be used as a sickness bag

Tie bag off at the ring to reduce contamination and smell

Graduated markings to measure oz and cc/mL

The NON70600 and NON80328 series can be used with our dispenser NON80328D.

Single use


Measures Up To 1000 Cubic Inches

36 oz.

White has cardboard rim (25 PER PACK / 500 PER CASE)

Blue has plastic rim (24 PER PACK / 144 PER CASE)

Dispenser (6 per case)


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